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We all need to relax after work, so why not do it with a drink delivered straight to your door? Whether it's domestic beer, or imports, wine or spirits, if you like it, we've got it.

 Wine Taxi Tucson

What do I get for becoming a Club Wine Taxi member?

When you join Club Wine Taxi for only $10 a month, you get access to FREE DRINK DELIVERY right to your door day or night, from the hours of 10am-2am. (Tucson's best Alcohol Delivery in Tucson/Beer Delivery in Tucson). *PLEASE NOTE: We can ship any other alcohol container within 48 hours, once the Paypal invoice has been completed, as long as you are in the United States and can present ID*

Alcohol Delivery in Tucson, Arizona

How do I start?

Once you become a Club Wine Taxi member, you are at liberty to order your drink of choice in Tucson, Arizona  with NO DELIVERY CHARGE.

(Tips for the driver are NOT-INCLUDED, so please tip your driver.) Once your membership and payment has been processed, we will send one of our delivery drivers right to your door with your beverage of choice.


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Happy Hour (Daily) 5pm - 7pm

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